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March 7, 2011 / moldyboo

Bait Car: The Downfall of Our Empire

I recently found out something that most people my age have known for years: late nights on Sundays is the best time to watch television.  On MSNBC, where you would usually see reruns of Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow, you get real journalism: Chris Hansen.  It’s just To Catch a Predator for hours.  It’s usually followed and preceded by Lockup, where they just film people in prisons.  On truTV, which used to be CourtTV(?), which used to be an untelevised courtroom, you get the greatest television show of all time: Bait Car.

Ever wondered what would happen if you leave keys in the ignition of a really nice car in a really bad neighborhood?  Bait Car explores this question, and the answer is usually something you would never expect: people steal the car, usually very quickly.  Leave all your racial and classist stereotypes at the door.  Just kidding, take them with you.   Do not let go of them.  This show is fueled by broad stereotyping mixed with the low expectations of an American public that should be asleep.  It feeds the lowest common denominator of our basest instincts that tell us racist things like poor people need to eat.  Also, car thieves’ alibis almost always involve a prostitute.  That is their go-to excuse for why they stole a car.  It usually doesn’t fit whatsoever into the framework of the story.  Cops: “Why did you take that car when you knew it didn’t belong to you?”  Criminal: “This girl with me is a prostitute”  Cops: “You’re under arrest.”

Oh my god hold on one second.  My custom-made Pandora station just started playing a song by an artist named Michael Moor…  I was surprised that Michael Moore is also a recording artist.  Then I read his full name: Michael Moorcock.  The description says he was a singer in the 1970’s.  There is a singer out there named Michael Moorcock.  Why haven’t Michael Moore haters clung to this as firmly as they can?  That’s to the Right what it would be like if I found out that there was a singer in the seventies named Ann Coultercock, and I am never ruling out that possibility.

Anyway, poor people steal things in order to live.



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  1. Joel V / Mar 21 2011 11:07 pm

    It is so awesome seeing some of these people’s reactions when they get caught. And for them to tell lies like they were being good, it just makes me laugh. I watch all of the Bait Car showings in HD. I have a DISH Network account and I also am an employee, and I can say that the expressions of the guilty are so great when you can see it in HD. This is one awesome show, and you can’t really take it seriously or it won’t appeal very well.

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